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Church of Scientology
since 1968

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Targets & Goals

The achievement of one’s goals, no matter how large or small the endeavor, relies on goals, purposes and activities being aligned and organized.

One can be working toward a goal, but discover that his actions do not yield any forward progress. This occurs not only for an individual in his life, but also for an organization, state or country of any size. This can be a result of the plans, actions and other factors not being aligned to attain the goal.

There are actually a number of subjects that make up an activity. Each of these must operate in a coordinated manner to achieve success in the intended accomplishment of the envisioned goal.

A scale has been developed in Scientology which gives a sequence (and relative seniority) of subjects relating to organization.

GOALS: A goal is a known objective toward which actions are directed with the purpose of achieving that end.

PURPOSES: A purpose is a lesser goal applying to specific activities or subjects. It often expresses future intentions.

POLICY: Policy consists of the operational rules or guides for the organization which are not subject to change.

PLANS: A plan is a short-range broad intention thought up for the handling of a broad area to remedy it or expand it, or to obstruct or impede an opposition to expansion.

PROGRAMS: A program is a series of steps in sequence to carry out a plan.

PROJECTS: A project is a sequence of steps written to carry out one step of a program.

ORDERS: An order is a verbal or written direction to carry out a program step or apply general policy.

IDEAL SCENES: An ideal scene expresses what a scene or area ought to be. If one has not envisioned an ideal scene with which to compare the existing scene, he will not be able to recognize departures from it.

STATISTICS: A statistic is a number or amount compared to an earlier number or amount of the same thing. Statistics refer to the quantity of work done or the value of it.

VALUABLE FINAL PRODUCTS: A valuable final product is a product that can be exchanged for the services or goods of the society.


This scale and its parts and ability to line them up are one of the most valuable tools of organization.