L. Ron Hubbard essay


Unite and Win

L. Ron Hubbard

There are innumerable independent groups and societies in the West who are fighting to halt the encroaching tyrannies and oppressions which menace the West.

These single voices are relatively ineffective only because each seeks to act alone.

The enemy is the Utopia-minded social and economic planner whose arrogance is destroying the cultural standards of the people and supplanting them with the untried and insane concepts of total social control.

The West was made by free men. It is being unmade by tyranny.

At the hand of most government leaders today are social or economic agencies which seek to impose unsound and unproven controls upon a formerly free society.

As and when he takes office, the politician is promised a roseate and marvelous result by men who could not manage a petty cash account or control a puppy if their lives depended on it.

These wild-eyed Utopians have all but destroyed Western universities, Western economies and Western civilization.

Each protesting public body is crying out at its own particular oppressor. Yet all these oppressors together are the real collective target.

Public groups should unite in a forum and choose their particular target and then apply all efforts at righting that type of wrongness by united effort. Then they should choose another target and handle that.

It will be found that the enemy is well united and that he uses the full force of credulous and incompetent governments to crush the whole people.

It is not a “symptom of the times” that things are going wrong in the West. They are carefully planned that way.

Each public group that is protesting is today divided from the rest so that no united public voice calls erring agencies to account.

In the West our affairs are in the hands of experimenters in social control. The result is disorder and disaster.

There is such a thing as Western government devoid, as it used to be, of social and economic Utopians.

In one way or another, every protesting group has as its purpose the halting of further faulty experimentation and the restoration of the sound and wise policies in government.

While we still have something left for which to fight, all public societies and groups should unite to halt the tyranny and oppression which threatens to engulf us and destroy forever the society on which we depend.

The West came to greatness under the banner of liberty. But all liberties are gradually withered away where a public is not alert.

Revolt is not the answer. Firm and united counseling of the government by groups which defend our culture and our liberty alone can serve us all.