Helping Heal Pakistan

Volunteer Ministers helping Pakistan

When a 7.5 earthquake rumbled through Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan in October 2015, killing more than 500, injuring 2,200 and destroying 12,000 homes, Scientology Volunteer Minister (VM) Perwaiz ul-Hasan acted quickly. He and a team of VMs, including medical doctors, negotiated numerous police checkpoints while heading to one of the hardest hit districts, Shangla—previous Taliban headquarters in Pakistan and a region where the Taliban still has influence. The teams set up medical camps for villages with no hospital or clinic facilities nearby.

By early 2016, VMs had helped 5,300 residents and trained hundreds on techniques to assist the wounded and emotionally scarred.

“I was so impressed by your vocation and participation,” wrote Wagar Ahmad, Senior Member of Shangla Shahpur Valley. “All citizens of Shangla are thankful for your precious time.”