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Human Rights program in Papua New Guinea

Drug abuse and criminality, intolerance and inhumanity, natural and man-made disasters pervade and degrade every segment of society.

Spreading Hope map
Spreading Hope Humanitarian programs around the world have helped mankind. In Papua New Guinea (above) villagers for the first time learned about human rights.

In recognition of the vital necessity to address these global problems with equally global solutions, Churches of Scientology and their members sponsor secular and humanitarian programs that effectively curb drug abuse, raise awareness of human rights, and instill tolerance and decency. The goal is at once bold and ambitious: to resolve broad planetary ills and arrest a cultural decline, all while uplifting society neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city, nation by nation.

The programs, based on decades of experience, are founded on the proposition that education is the cornerstone of change. They acknowledge that only when truly informed can individuals make lasting and transformative decisions to live drug-free, ethical, respectful lives in harmony with others.

Whether through grassroots initiative or official implementation, the programs measurably improve conditions, according to tens of thousands of responses on record and exponentially growing demand. To support this demand, the Church has established a significant infrastructure that produces educational materials by the millions. Coupled with the support of members worldwide, the Church also enables materials to be provided as a public service to educators and others leading the charge against cultural and societal decline.

In the following pages, Freedom features several individuals engaged in these humanitarian programs across the world.