Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller

“I’ve done everything I had an interest in,” said singer and author Jonathan Miller. He has been a “police officer, child safety case manager, salesman, barista—but I wasn’t really happy until I did the things I was passionate about.”

Miller started singing when he was 10 years old, but was shy of performing publicly. “I never thought that I would be a good enough singer to be a professional. I did what everyone said I should do—what I was supposed to do: go to school, do well, get a job. But I wasn’t happy.”

Deep down he never let go of his inspiration for music. “I read Terry Goodkind as I was going through high school and became inspired to impact others as he did for me. I also used to listen to my favorite artists and feel the power of their voices, and then I wanted to do that with others.”

Among his high school friends, “I was always the brunt of the jokes, which didn’t do much for my confidence,” and for many years “I never pursued my passions.”

Breaking free from this mindset with the help of like-minded artists, Miller has toured 15 states and visited 9 countries in his 22-year career as a singer. He loves playing at festivals because “many people come to have a good time.”

Living in Clearwater for 9 years, “I want to create an impact on people with my words and voice,” says Miller. “People go through so many things in their lives. Many things stress them out nowadays rather than inspire them. If people hear my songs and connect, or read my stories and enjoy, then I’ve created a positive impact that they can then use to better their lives.”