Rafferty Pendery

Rafferty Pendery

What do Sir Edmund Hillary, astronaut John Glenn and Charles Lindbergh have in common with the owner of a Clearwater-based marketing company?

Membership in the prestigious Explorers Club.

Though the honor is almost an afterthought to Studio98 founder Rafferty Pendery, who also worked with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, it is no small feat for someone under 40 to be acknowledged as someone who has contributed to the cause of exploration.

However, for Pendery—who is also a scuba diver and a motorcycle enthusiast—contributing to Clearwater’s economy through his business and his charitable activities is important.

“Studio98 is a marketing company with the focus on generating leads for businesses,” says Pendery. “We take an analytical and statistical approach to generating leads for companies who can then turn those into sales. Through the services that we deliver, we help other businesses to profitably expand, thus increasing the footprint of the economy.

“I was raised with values that made it important for me to have as large of an impact as possible on making the world a better place,” said Pendery. “I feel it’s a duty to create a good life for myself, my family and staff. But if I am not at the same time giving back to improve the lives of as many others as possible, what is the point? So I help in as many ways as I can.”